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Passion for quality in camping


Let's discover Croatia

A crossroads between East and West of infinite beauty, we are obviously talking about Croatia, a land of cultural and artistic traditions of considerable importance.

The country is divided into three areas with different geographical, climatic and cultural characteristics: the coastal strip, the mountain ranges and the vast flat area.

Three historical regions:

• The Croatian Littoral region (Hrvatsko Primorje) corresponding to the area around Rijeka and Senj with the islands of the Kvarner bay

Istria, the peninsula in the northern part of the country

Dalmatia with its indented coastline extending south from Zadar including the numerous islands off the coast and historic cities such as Ragusa and Split.


We begin our visit along the coast and immediately the Adriatic Sea gives us glimpses, natural bays, islands and islets of rare beauty, its 6,278 kilometers are rich in breathtaking landscapes ....


The beaches have different characteristics and for this reason they allow you to choose those most suited to the needs of those who visit them.


We can find beaches close to the cities such as Banje in Dubrovnik, or the more secluded ones that we find on the island of Korčula and Lastovo, or pebble beaches like that of Brela, and even those where relaxation is at home like those on island of Vis.


For lovers of nightlife the beach of Pag is recommended; and for those who love sports, in particular surfing, the island of Brač is perfect, it is considered one of the most beautiful in the world.

Last but not least, the sandy beach of Sakarun on the Long Island or the Paradise Beach in Lopar on the island of Rab.

Most of the beaches bear the Blue Flag, confirming the quality of the sea, safety and services offered.


In short, Croatia with its variety of spectacular beaches satisfies both the needs and desires of families, couples, friends and naturists looking for beautiful landscapes and unspoiled nature.


Our journey is becoming more and more interesting and stimulating in this country of particular beauty with a mild climate, a rich past and gastronomy that with its always fresh seasonal ingredients gives life to many specialties, which are at the same time ultramodern and traditional, and they are offered by the kitchens of local restaurants and trattorias.


The long wine tradition has an offer of fine wines, numerous wine routes that can be crossed among the beautiful vineyards, the most famous is the Wine Route in Istria.


Many national and natural parks, with their unspoiled nature, are one

paradise on earth to discover, the most visited are the Kopački rit in Slavonia and the Medvednica.


Our journey allows us to get to know another very important sector, that of sports tourism ... trekking, hiking and cycling, but also the possibility of beautiful rides in the open air, crazy descents for the rapids of the rivers, a thousand ideas for practice of extreme sports and much more.

In short, a variety of possibilities that make this land a place of pleasant surprises.


We continue our tour to get to know the cultural heritage of Croatia, the atmosphere of the Mediterranean cities, the beauty of the cobbled streets and squares, discovering the stories of a rich and intriguing past, legendary fortresses, treasures of sacred art, museums , art galleries and monuments protected by Unesco ...


We now dedicate a space to camping enthusiasts.


In recent years, thanks to the attractive and extremely well-preserved natural areas, mostly very close to the sea, open-air tourism in Croatia has developed considerably.


Croatia is the first European destination for camping, fully meeting its criteria, especially for the equipment, the great accommodation possibilities, the excellent infrastructures and the sanitary facilities. The favorable relationship between the prices and the services provided, the hospitality, the safety and the pleasant atmosphere make the campsites a real oasis of rest.


90 percent of campsites in Croatia are located along the Adriatic coast and on the islands, they are particular and well maintained, while the others are located near rivers and lakes.


There is a rich offer of high-quality services such as: toilets, accommodation units, catering and commercial services as well as the offer of sports, entertainment and animation...

The campsites also offer swimming pools, kindergartens, sports opportunities of all kinds, organized courses and riding schools, sailing, windsurfing, skiing, nautical courses, diving courses and even mountaineering courses.


The most developed region is that of Istria and Kvarner, while Dalmatia is the most attractive part of Croatia, thanks to its natural riches, its beautiful landscapes and numerous seaside resorts.


Finding tailor-made camping from Istria to Dalmatia characterized by large "camping towns" (such as campsites in Rovinj) full of movement and a pleasant atmosphere of social life, is as easy as finding smaller campsites with a family atmosphere, where the individuality and privacy of each visitor are respected.

Also interesting is the possibility of seven motorhome tours covering the Croatian coast and the hinterland.

Each tour (except the one in the Croatian hinterland) lasts 8 days and passes through the most interesting places in these areas.


Croatia with its history, its culture, its scenic and naturalistic beauties is the ideal destination for those seeking adventure but also romantic beaches or relaxing in the sun with the family.

This is the right time to choose your corner of paradise!

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