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Campings Portugal hillside

Passion for quality in camping

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Portugal / Coimbra

Coimbra Camping

The Coimbra Camping, with an area of 70.000m2 for 750 guests is a modern space, where in addition to being able to unwind, you can perform numerous sports and leisure activities, from swimming, through the...

Portugal / Leiria

Camping Quinta do Castanheiro

In the heart of Portugal, located in the forests of Castanheira de Pêra, you will find Camping Quinta do Castanheiro. Here, life is dominated by pristine nature and authentic Portuguese culture. Here, rest seekers and...

Portugal / Setúbal

Campsites Porto Covo

Porto Covo campsite is located in Porto Covo, 500m from the sea. This is a modern park, built within the Alentejo style, thinking about the convenience you deserve. The campsite is endowed with various support...

Portugal / Faro

Camping Albufeira

Probably one of the most complete and unique campsites of its kind in Portugal.Aimed primarily at itinerant camps, it also offers as an option for campers, complementary accommodation, such as caravans and bungalows.Access to the...

Portugal / Faro

Camping São Miguel

All the magic of the Costa Vicentina is concentrated in four hectares of pure maritime pine forest, where the freshness of nature meets the quality of the services of an ecological campsite that favors the...

Portugal / Bragança

Camping Cepo Verde

Distinguished as one of the best in the country, it is the only private park in the Northeast Transmontano and is certified by the ICNF as a Nature Tourism enterprise and with the "GreenKey" (Green...