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Guide to Quality Camping

Guide to Quality Camping

The indipendent guide to quality camping
Object of the guide is to demonstrate the height quality. In Europe there are many types of camping's. Some excellent, others good, others below standard. The "star guide", is not always correct or appropriated.

Our idea of quality
I believe we have all experienced what quality in camping's means.  Quality means the feeling of cleanliness and neat surroundings and feeling comfortable especially when one is using bathrooms and showers. 
Quality is using bathrooms sure of hygiene and having your privacy respected, a standard of efficiency in pretty surroundings. It is services that satisfy the family, adults and children, when talking of restaurants, the mini-market, sport activities, games, play-ground, animation, lot quality, security standards. 
But we are convinced that friendliness and helpfulness are also very important. It is also arriving at the site and not being left waiting or sent here and there by a bored and not weary helpful operator. 

There are many camping guides in all Europe. 
Some give merit-rating on the quality of the camping site others do not. Some are constantly up-dated, by inspectors every year, others are not, others limit their self to sanding questionnaires leaving the owner the freedom to rate the site. 
Some of the best guides are: Adac, Dcc, Anwb, ECC, Acsi, De Agostini. 
In a way we have certainly taken into consideration the varies ratings of the best European camping guides, personal-rating and the opinions of a small number of regular campers. 
Our final object is certainly that of giving a rating based on the opinions of a wide number of possible European campers that will help make this guide, your guide. 
Safe, precise but above all independent.

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